I also wanted to do face-painting at inventory, so there's a possibility it's just me

Distorted mirrors. Pretend lights. How does this not scream carnival?!?
Boss: Here, make a display with these dressers.
Me: Just use the dressers? Everything else is up to me?
Boss: Yep.
My brain: What? The store is my playground? Just go wild?

10 minutes later...

Boss: Um...
Me: Too crazy? I was trying to evoke carnival.
Boss: ...It's a little too eclectic. It needs some kind of theme.
Me: The theme is carnival. Was that not clear? There's even a monkey.
Monkey: I don't think she shares your vision.
Me: Which part would you change?
Boss: It's just so random!
Me: Good thing you got here when you did. I hadn't even added the silver antlers yet.
Boss: Oh my... What about using some of these pretty white things?

10 minutes later...

The obviously carnival-themed dressers are now mismatched with gaudy, pearly white, reluctant vases. And silver antlers.

On the other hand, I didn't get fired from making displays, I just got demoted to this tiny square platform to contain a portion of my madness.

The accommodations are much more modest, but the monkey says he is happy here.


  1. Dogs might be color blind but Monkeys love red and yellow. Obviously that's why they love the circus.

  2. I miss staging!! These are awesome pieces to work with. I like the circus theme.

  3. I wish I would have gotten a picture of the whole display!