Intercultural Communication class did not prepare me for this

Laney: We have a triple crown winner! Woohoo! Go American pharroh! I can die happy now! ! !

Me: Huh?? Was this message for someone else?

Laney: Yep you! Yeehaw! Thought u should know. Ive been waiting my whole life for this day!

Me: No idea what you're talking about...

Laney: Horse racing! Lol. Sorry! :-) triple crown are 3 races...big time! Hasn't been a winner in 37 yrs til today!

Me: Oh!! my gosh. I thought you were having psychosis again. Hooray I'm super happy for you!!!

Laney: Lol! Love you! Bahaha! U never know!

Me: First I thought you were watching American Idol and then I thought we had a new President but it seemed like the wrong year for that. Apparently I'M the one with psychosis!

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