Twice as Soft as Hard as Hoof: They Don't Call it "Miracle" for Nothing

-All right, team, we've got to come up with a name for our company.

-What do we sell again?

-We make mani/pedi products... I feel like your heart is not in this.

-You don't know my heart. How about Nice Nails?

-Who hired you?

-Okay, Cool Claws.

-What, are we marketing to animals now? If we're gonna go that route, why not Pretty Paws? Even better, Paw and Claw. I'm sure women will love that.

-Ha, yeah, just call it Hoof and let's go home!

-Ooh, that'll be great for our nail strengthener: Hard as Hoof! Beat that, Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails!

-I think metal nails are actually harder than hoof. Hence horse shoes. Furthermore, how many robots have you seen wearing shoes made of hoof? Zero.

-...Well. Compared to robot shoes, toiletries seem like a totally normal thing to associate with horse parts. Welcome to Hoof, y'all. Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting...

-Uh, guys? How is "Hard as Hoof" going to fly with our foot softener?

- ...Just go with it.

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