Summer Job Annual Review

Today was my annual review at my summer job, which means I guess I should start calling it my job. My boss will be living in another country in a few weeks, so she was all "You have exceeded my expectations in every available column, sign here." I'm a little curious about what her expectations were to begin with. Then I was informed that I will get a raise.

Then I realized that this is my first raise EVER, not counting minimum wage increases. Then I realized that this raise still puts my wage several dollars under what I make at my other jobs.

Then a couple of middle school punks gifted me with some Pocky, which was nice of them because they probably make more money than I do, or at least more than I receive in food stamps. And buying Pocky with food stamps is something I'm saving for right before I off myself that reminds me of college, and thinking of college makes me wish I would have told those nice kids "JUST END IT ALL NOW" "DO NOT MAJOR IN PHILOSOPHY."

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