The difference between outrageous and extremely outrageous: pickles

I'm planning to host an international student for a term, but I'm a little concerned about how our delicate rental management company is going to take the news. I noticed in our lease (18.1.c), we could be evicted with merely 24 hours notice for committing "any act which is outrageous in the extreme." 

One time my brother and I spent an evening dipping everything we could find in peanut butter and eating it. (Note to Bright Apartments, in case you are reading this: This did not happen in your rental! This was a long time ago!) According to Merriam-Webster, "outrageous" could mean exceeding the limits of what is usual. People don't usually host international students. And so you see my concern.


  1. People usually aren't as cool as you are either. What if you get evicted just for being...yourself?

    1. It's a very real concern of mine, Allie. So far they don't have a problem with the student, though, so perhaps they are getting less outrageous themselves.