You got me, Fates... you got me good.

I wrote that last post before I got dumped (do people still say "dumped"? The last time I was the dumpee, I was a teenager, so I don't know) for philosophy. That's right, philosophy. I don't mean that we had irreconcilable philosophical differences -- quite the opposite -- I mean he left me for the study of philosophy. We didn't get in a fight or anything, he still likes everything he ever liked about me, there's no other woman, there probably won't be another woman... he just prefers to focus on his studies. Which revolve around thick books and the old men who write them. And he wants to do this unhindered by a supportive, intellectual, alluring (bear with me, I just got dumped) girlfriend.

Peace out, bro.

It's as if the Fates went, Wait a minute, She got something good? She doesn't get to have nice things! But they were kind of tired after wreaking havoc all over the world, so instead of creating some problems to destroy our relationship in some believable way, they just lazily... ended it. Boom. Snatched him away. Really, the Fates? You could have at least done it with some flair.

Oh, and this happened one hour after I turned down a charming young man with a Mustang. Sorry. I take back what I said about no flair.

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