Open Letter to Whomever Stole My Bike Light

Dearest Thief,

I suppose it was my fault, really; I should have removed the light. It's very easy to remove, which is partly why I chose that one even though it was more expensive. But you know, in the pouring rain, juggling my basket and lock and keys, I guess I was just in a hurry to get inside and forgot. Merely two hours later, you had stolen it from the church parking lot.

I wasn't even very interested in the church event, but I forced myself to be social because I'm trying to make good choices. It was about as I expected: not great. Definitely not worth $30 to replace the light you stole.

It was humiliating enough for my thirty-something self to have to commute by bike in a storm wearing a tattered plastic rain cape that I haven't had the resources to replace yet. Thanks to you, I got to call my mommy to come pick me up instead.

I went to my bike shop to get a replacement light (which is now costing me $60 since the one you stole was brand new), but they won't have it in until next week. I have chronic health problems that make even going to the grocery store difficult for me, especially since I have to do it on my bike in the rain. I don't have energy to go until after it's dark. But you made night riding unsafe for me, so I just don't go. Which means I don't have much to eat all week. Which means I'm too hungry to sleep. Which means I can't function and don't make it to work on time. Which is more money lost. You didn't just take my light that night.

All this to say that I'm the one who feels sorry for you. Because as much as my life sucks, I'm still doing pretty great compared to you.

Love and Poo,


* * * * *

While I'm at it... Open Addendum to My Coworker Who Complained About How Annoying It Is to Run Errands in the Rain Because It's Difficult to Maneuver an Umbrella While Getting In and Out of the Car:

Maybe don't whine about that to me.

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