Screw y'all, I'm going to Super Taco's.

People leave the S off my last name ALL THE TIME and I get inordinately offended. I could understand people assuming they heard me wrong if I said my name were Smiths or Johnsons, but my last name is Hagans. Yes, Hagan without the S is a normal name too, but is Hagans really so unbelievable?!

Do they think I'm pluralizing my own name like an imbecile and they're gently correcting me? Or I'm Southern and making every proper noun possessive? "Lord have mercy, they're puttin' in a new T. J. Maxx's!" It doesn't matter how loudly and snakily I slither the S out of my mouth... HagansSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. One time someone even asked me how to spell my name, and after I told her she said, "Oh, Hagann with two Ns? Interesting." People are seriously committed to their stance on this controversial issue. At this point the best solution is probably to just change my name to Hagan.

I admittedly have a double standard, though. Those same people will insist on knowing whether I go by Abra or Abralyn and I don't understand why it's so important to them because I really don't care either way.

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