The Exact Same Thing

Problem: You're dying for these gorgeous Italian leather sandals, but you don't have 300 euros to spare.

Solution: Splurge on these paper clips imported from Italy instead. It's almost the exact same thing.

No one at the office will be unimpressed by you now. Imagine handing that report in to your boss...

Boss: Say, are these... fancy Italian paper clips?

You: They sure are. I'm a bit of a paper accessories snob, if you really want to know.

Boss: Why, they must be individually hand-painted!

You: ...That's plastic coating... but yeah basically.

Boss: Well, these are clearly superior to ordinary domestic paper clips! I'll have these ordered for the whole office from now on. And you're getting a raise!

Paper clips: And now you can afford those sandals too. Non c’รจ di che.

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