Math, people. Math.

I recently attended a women's event with my church, and was told by one lady, "You're so beautiful!" immediately followed by, "How are you still single?" This is like asking, Why doesn't one equal two? I made the one extra big!

(1 + x) = 2

Answer: Because we ran out of numbers, so we had to start using letters. We're supposed to be solving for x here! Why are all the single men in my life still single? Doesn't it make sense that a quality woman might be more likely to be single because the available selection doesn't tempt her?

At these ladies' events, the first two questions that always get asked are, "Are you married?" and "Do you have children?" I'm just going to start countering with, "Are you published? Why not? Do you have any degrees? How many? What are their names?"

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