How to Get Girls in a Post-Dating Society

Datenap Her

Jeremy knew that his new friend didn't want to date him -- she had told him so in so many words -- but women can't be trusted. She liked him; she just didn't know it yet.

So Jeremy invited her to come sailing with him and his friend Joe. They had a great time, nearly capsizing in a sudden storm. They managed not to end up in the lake, but were soaked from the rain. So the three headed back to Jeremy's to change into dry clothes, eat soup, and play Guitar Hero. After that, the three decided to go see a movie, but Joe ended up not coming. The movie turned out to be terrible and Jeremy and the woman left after a few minutes. While they sat in the car trying to figure out what to do instead, Jeremy revealed his secret plan: "I sort of meant for this to be a date." (Now is the time to be forthright. Women love surprises.) The woman was incredulous at his genius planning, protesting, "Why?! I specifically told you I just wanted to be friends!" Mumble something that makes her bust up laughing. It's important to be able to make a woman laugh.

Getting Her Number

It's no longer acceptable to ask a woman for her number. If you do this, she will think you're a creep. It's much less creepy to sneak her number. Take it from Joe. After chatting up his crush about their shared community and interests, he casually wonders aloud, "Are you in my phone?" This provides a perfect opportunity to pull out his phone and "check." Now all he has to do is ask, but now she can't refuse because that will make her the bad guy -- like his phone has this simple problem of her number not being in it, and she has the information needed to rectify the situation -- who would refuse to help? Especially after he gave her that chocolate he just happened to have.

Subliminal Messages

Or, instead of getting her number, a better option is to just give her yours and say, "Let me know if you ever want to hang out." Every time you run into her, remind her to let you know if she ever wants to "hang out." Don't flirt at all, keep it friendly. This way, you don't creep her out by letting your intentions be known. Again, no risk of rejection. If, after weeks of your hinting, she doesn't take initiative, you can take that role -- but make sure she doesn't think it's a date. By all means, try to use the phrase "get our grub on" when asking her out to dinner.

Just Do It

Communicating verbally is overrated. In our modern society, we don't have time for that. If you like a woman, just start holding her hand, putting your arm around her, etc., as if you were already a couple. This has the added benefit of marking your territory to other men. Don't bother trying to get to know her yet. This will throw her off because on one hand it will seem like you're not interested, but on the other hand is her hair (because it's your hand and you're inexplicably touching her back again). Women love a man of mystery.

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